Thursday, 23 April 2009

The conception of our Hayle animation.

Now that we have our group for our project we have started some lively debate on the whole feel of the project. The breif lends itself to a 'creature comforts' kind of humourous sketch but we have ended up going for a more realist, quite serious angle. We have taken what Winnie said about 'not falling out with anybody' and what she said about her relationship with her husband and put these into two brackets.
The first is:as she is refering to the fact that she does not intend to fall out with anyone in the future then we thought we would highlight the solitude that a lot of old people experience and have her sat in a room by herself. In this way we thought that we could offer a copy of the finished animation (or maybe an edit) to help the aged (a charity).
Secondly, as she is talking about her husband; a flashback into her younger life highlighting what a non confrontational person she was and also the love that was in her marrage. We feel it is important that we get this in as to not put across the wrong message.
The mediums we are going to be using are all digital, some 2d and some 3d, making use of the toon shader in maya.
One of our team is going to be in charge of all the shading so that the continuity is preserved.
So far so good.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

New project issued.

We got a new breif this week and it is quite interesting. Animations can can exist for many a different reason and to forefil many a need. You may want it to be entertaining, informative or just to give some hint of an atmosphere like say with a peice of music and the accompanying video.
This is a similar task to that of a music video where you have the sound first and work the animation to the sound. The post syncrinisation of the animation will differ from that of a music video because it has a historical context to the brief. Also there is a very Cornish flavour to the project; and in the 60 years since the recordings were made the place has changed drasticly.
We are also being told that we are to work in small groups; this i am going to find hard as i have just finished working in a group and i have a feeling that maybe i have put my cards on the table too early.
Hopefully i can find a group who will allow me to take a backseat this time and not think i am shirking any responsability, as i would also like the chance to do something out of my comfort zone; maybe something more traditional like model making or drawing.
We have a meeting tomorrow and i am sure after that i will know a bit more.

What do you want to see and hear more about?