Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Using Poetry for script. The Hare

Here is a draught of the poetry i am going to form my 'negotiated brief ' animation around.

Say Jack; have you seen her?
Is she in the meadow plain?
Racing hedgerow in view again;
Have you seen her?

Has she been with the night;
Struck gazy by bright moonlight;
Have you seen her?

Morning comes later on;
And she comes singing a silent song;
For she is always there;
Have you seen her?

May make some alterations to it later; but i am happy with the pace and the suggestion of visuals. The animation is going to be really out of my comfort area; with hand drawn/cutout backgrounds mixed with a live action sky and cut out characters. There is  a twist in the story when at the end it is revieled that the poem has been about Eastre; a Pagan goodess of spring strongly associated with the hare.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Negotiated brief idea.

For this i was going to go back to a character animation task we were set last year and do one with a  3d model. But after some consideration i have decided to look at the uses of poetry acting as a script and a timeline and write some poetry. The poetry has to put an image in your head; then the animation can be a lot less obvious; with the posibility of bringing 'themed' images into the production.
With the pace of the poetry governing the pace of the animation i feel this should give a natural pace to the animation; although it is actually breathing. I have done a few sketches of a hare; which is one of my favouite animals and the poem is going to reflect the hares place in English folklaw and paganism. Will update when i have done the first storyboard run.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I have been trying to do the lighting at  home with some success. I have managed to get the hue of the light right; but it is a labourious job as my machine is lagging like a four year old in a supermarket. I will persevere and i have been in contact with Cherie. In all honesty i think the continuity of the lighting shots is going to suffer unless we are tightly networked together so we can all see the results. Cherie has been supplying reference shots; but it is hard to see the direction of the light.
I have been writing my second literature review; and have had to go online to recover some material which is reviewable.
The animated work i want to do is Avatar; because i feel it is probably one of the most; if not the most; successful politically motivated film of all time. It has had American audiences cheering on native people who are ripping into American troops. This would have been unthinkable not so many years ago; especially in Washington D.C!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

check this..

Click ME!

Cool trailer.


This looks cool; i can't help thinking the characters must take over from the spectacular; if this does happen in the film goodo; i like dragons but i like a good charecter animation as well. Maybe a Dragon with character???
Here i go again; gonna have to see it now, will report back; also with the dissertation subject in mind as well.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Thoughts on the 'open brief'

 I feel this one has more to do with time management than actual quality or quantity of the work produced. We have been told to look at our workload over Easter and choose a project based on the time we have left, this is obviously a skill which is at the heart of delivering any animation on time.
The assessment of the situation will also rely on your understanding of the process; and this of course will tell you how much time you can put to do the 'open brief'.
I have a couple of ideas for what i want to do. Firstly; i want to go back to the rudeiments of animation and do something which heavily involves the principles we learnt in the first part of this course. As an animation student i  feel it is important to actually 'animate' as much as possible; and not get side-tracked by learning too much new software (even though this has to be done); so when i come out of this course i can actually 'breathe life into inanimate objects'. The software can wait.
Secondly; the marrage of visuals and sound; research into post and pre synchratic animation. I can see the benifits in both; but i love the idea of having a timeline already in place to animate to.
Well thats my thoughts for a minute; more to follow on the lighting process and the Vj loops. Then there are the literature and film reviews and maybe a bit of drawing; gunna have to be careful with me time....

What do you want to see and hear more about?