Sunday, 6 December 2009

Started to..

1.Read a book called 'animation Pimp' by Chris Robinson. This is just what i have been looking for, as i love a good read and as this is relivent to the animation industry i though it would justly become my Christmas read.
2.Draw more loosly. Using the life drawing and referencing skills picked up from my Tutor Kathy and my fellow students (Gaz and Rory you are an inspiration) i have started to use these skills to draw things that just come to mind. These are usually themed with an underlying thought but the work has recently had no physical reference.
3.Teach my boy Photoshop. I hope he becomes more interested in this program, i am sure he will. This is also an ideal way to go over some of the functions that i have not used for some time.
4.Learn Illistrator. I am having a course in Illistrator at the University. I am doing it in my own time. This will aid me in creating vector based charecter for Flash animation. At last we can say goodbye to the jaggies.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


These are a few sketches i have done today out of my minds eye. I know we should be working from reference; but this is like a bit of a busmans holiday. Hoping to transfere one of them into illistrator using the trace feature on it; we will see..
Oh and sorry about the quality; i am hopefully getting a scanner soon..

The creative process.

When we were first played the pieces of music for the experimental animation several things went through my mind. The way the sounds identified with certain colours and shapes. And also the mood they left you in. This was apparent as the flavour of heckling (they are not the quietest bunch in our group) changed.
The one i chose was called 'Lorraine'.
It makes you feel kind of sad because of the minor key, (Gm i think) this gives it a kind of melancholic feel.
When i opened up each file and looked at them as waveforms a few things became apparent. The way the patterns repeated in the piece of music that i chose shouted out to me that a visual pattern would be easy to sequence. There was also two definite sections; this would allow a certain ammount of repitition.
The next time i do an experimental piece i will make it completly non narrative and use total abstraction with no recognisable shapes or figures.
Also the way i shot the animation was all together too fast; when played back a lot of the movemens seemed far too fast. The only time that i got near the natural speed of animation at 25fps was on the last day of shooting.
I will post up a load of stuff later today; but i am afraid none of it is here at the mo. Well except these stills.

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