Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hop and his house.

Been trying to get something representive of the finished look of Mamboness, here are a couple of ideas for my character and set design.
I have gone for a sketchy free hand feel to the scenery as i feel this compliments the narrative.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Pitch process

After the harsh realisation im doing this by myself, i have written the firrst short sketch and storyboarded it out. I still need to work on the characters; and give a whole look to the thing, but im defo making progress.
The first story goes like this;

All the main characters are lazing in the midday sun, a lorry goes past, a tire falls off the back.
Both the cat and the dog have designs on this tyre, but the dog gets there first. He is just about to start chewing on it when he feels a sharp pain in his behind. Its the cat. A fight insues and this disturbed Hop who comes over and separates them. Then Hop has the idea of cutting the tyre in three and the final shots are of the dog chewing his bit, the cat snoozing in hers and hops bit with flowers planted in it. Short but sweet, but packed with positive messages.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Experimenting with dog and cat characters.

these show the development of snaggle; and how  his face is going to be made up so he can be drawn over and over again.

Pitch project influences.

This guy is a really great artist. I love his style and he is going to be one of the major influences on my pitch project animation.

Bit of an ad for sound bank...

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Monday, 17 May 2010


Just knocked these two up. They are complete opposites; so all sorts of gags are possible.

Snaggle is a clean living long suffering inhabitant of plane tmambo who is constantly looking for affection from 'most of the other inhabitants with various degrees of success.


Muzzle is the exact opposite of snaggle; always deficating; licking, pissing antagonizing and generally winding everything and every situation up. He is the typical 'big red dog'.
Hopefully i can get someone who is into character design to come on board to come up with more polished versions of these; but if not they will be separated into layers taken into illistrator; vectorised and exported into either toonboom or flash.
There owner Hop will be introduced later.

Backgrounds and colour pallette.

This is a lanscape done in pastel and cut out. It shows the sparse desert look that i am after.
This shows another cut out plus a cut out moon.

This shows the layers put together; when scanned in separatley and put into 2.5 D more perspective of distance will become possible.

Pitch project

Going to have to put the band video thing on hold for a while and go back; way back, to the summer of '09; when on one of my less linear rants i came up with the idea for a series of short animations named Mamboness. The series will be loosly based on the artistic style that branded the company 100% Mambo; a surf company whos posters are now considered to be modern classics.
This is one of their skate stickers; you can see they do not hold back on grossness which opens up several doors in the respect of an animation.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Pitch project.

For this i have been stumped since it was issued a couple of weeks ago; but  BREAKTHROUGH!
After a chat with one of my tutors about an idea of putting a band promo vid together i have managed to approach a Cornish band called Back beat Sound System and they have agreed to let me do it. They are keen on a mixed medium animation; so thats all good.
More about them here....

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Process of negotiated.....

Have been putting in a few hours on this project and now feel i can let you in on it....
I have got my inspiration from Eastre, a pagan goddess of spring,

This is a shot of the hares eye where the animation starts off.
This is the back of the hare; which is also animated...

and this is some of the landscape which has also been animated to give the feel of wind and altering light.

More to follow.

What do you want to see and hear more about?