Thursday, 24 February 2011

On the subject of....

Well had to start the post somehow. Been in full production for about 4 weeks now; concentrating on transitions  between the scenes at first and for the last week on our money shots. I have dedicated this week to getting a testing method up and running; and have had a photo of the building blown up to project onto. Afterwards i realised that i should have took the photo at night; this would have resulted in truer feedback. The first shot i tried on it highlighted the problem with the doorway and projecting onto it. Including it  made the perspective effect easier to comprehend.
The size of the projection on the photo was good; so thats one less headache.
As you can see the experiment was done in the studio with the lights off; but i am sure in darker conditions with results will be better.
Another thing i learnt from this experiment was the need for high contrast on the images compared to the background; i have had to trim the environment fog and cut the light linking from my environment. The scene i feel is a little cluttered; but it is supposed to show industrial build up, so i will let that pass.
My main concern with the production is the quality of the content. As a lot of my crew are working remotely; i only have one chance a week to rectify any content mistakes. I have had one member leave the team already; and give his services to another team. this workload has been spread across myself and Ryan (because he has been great so far and the most trustworty i feel this is right).
Well i have loads more test stuff to  go up here but you will have to wait and also a website on the way; and if you want to email me about any of our work its
Till next time....

Monday, 7 February 2011

Sorry for the late post; been trying to keep it at least once a week, but this one is late. After the research into herding last week i have decided to use the flow path feature in Maya and distort the flow of the fish with two further Lattice deformers. (squash and bend). This gives a great distorted look to the path. I then re-routed the fish through the windows by animating the vertex on the flow motion path.

As for the Machinery (scene 4) i have come to the decision to make it a little more busy by having a lot more cogs; etc appearng so this suggests industrial build up. This is also true to the animatic/storyboard. The second cut has been sent back to the musician (Nathan) who is re doing the sound track with the new material attached to it.

These are a couple of shots before the new machinery has been put in. The light has to be played with, well a lot needs playing with. But that's why we produced these lighting tests. Also it gives me some imagery to put on my blog ; )

The house is nearly built (thanks Ryan) and i have a producer who (i hope ) is making sure the second years are getting on with their work. When the finished soundtrack comes back I will cut it up into scenes and give the reference and the music to the artist who is working on it. With each scene i will have to produce a rough dope-sheet showing where any important sound effects are. This is the only issue i have with the music. Looking forward to this week; really taking shape now. Get in there

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