Monday, 25 January 2010

Haiti animation loops.

After the tragic occurrences in Haiti, the third year vjing project has been given the chance of performing at a club in London (The Den), as part of a fund raising event. For this they laid down the challenge of coming up with some loops that are themed around the Haiti disaster, and to also show the outfits name.
This was a fast turn around, we only had two days, so here is one i came up with.

This is the name of the outfit,(us and them) and it is an ongoing project.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

After the end and the (bit before it).

As the third day approached and the group was left reeling from a dressing down on the part of our crap story; the visual crew (gee, animators are great creatures) came up with a plan to save this farce. Some pre title storyboard style pictures were used to give the viewer an idea what had gone on and also a little bit of an intro was used. I Feel that these should have been avoided, but it got us out of this fix. On the subject of a fix the sound design that i had gathered the day before had strangley disappeared?? CD's dont sprout legs and walkout of studios themselves. This gave me some hard choices with the sound; and the second half of the animatic has a totally different score, well thats why. As for the editing in general, well as per usual time was of the essence and deadlines were being pushed; but it was all strung together with minutes to spare; but the sound file was messed up in the process, its far too loud; and this woul have to be addressed if we had a bit longer..

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Second day.

Today i put a lot of my time into researching what type of music would be best for the animation; and on deciding that, trying to find something that would fit. I feel that the dramatic narrative called for a keyboard; which when the events unfolded (ie the choking Goldilocks) the music took on a much more menicing form. The end is going to have strings that stab (phycho) so that we get a dramatic feel to the story.
Im still not happy with the narrative and feel like we are polishing a turd; so hopefully the music will give it something positive. This was picked up on in the meeting today.
The animation team has been brilliant, no quarrells, everyone in on time and pitching in. The storyboard and concept work has gone hassle free even though some of the camera shots were cconsidered a little week in the end of day talk.
I am looking at getting most of the sound sequencing done by 1 oclock; this should give us time to iron out any unforseen problems and rendering out.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Warming to the idea...

Now that we have gone through the idea a couple of times i am warming to it. The idea that we are not going to stylize the piece and keep it fairly contemporary looking should not alert the viewer to the twist at the end, this is good. The look of it is going to be in keeping with the Disney color palette; but the bears are going to be aged somewhat. This will give the idea that the grudge has not been forgotten, and like porridge, revenge is maybe best served cold!

The 3 dayer.

We just got back to the normality of uni life with a slap round the creative corpuscles in the form of a collaboration with the creative writing course. We have to produce an animatic whilst promoting a positive side to fairy tales.
The fairytale that we have chosen is Goldilocks. The twist we are putting into the tale is that she is being re-invited back and either the bears or the girl gets poisened. So far this whole idea has not won me over; but thats just my opinion, and thats what you want, right?
Things might change, i have been given the post production roll (which i am happy about), but until the script has been written i am unconvinced on the narrative.
More moans presently....

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy new year and that...

Sorry i have not posted in a while,for a start i have been on a bit of a self doubting trip which has just got to stop. Also it generates negative feelings and doubt in those around you and this is one thing that i want to leave at home and not transport into this semester.
Been messing around with a bit of design work, vector images, importing- exporting, more ideas about the Mamboness animation, wondering whether to start the character design sheets myself or to wait to see if anyone wants to collaborate with me; there are some people i would love on the team but i feel i have to put a bit more on the plate to convince them of my plan.
Yes maybe, that would put a few things in context and could flavour up the pitch.....
tea time, we will see....

What do you want to see and hear more about?