Saturday, 22 November 2008

This is my 2D walk. Its the third attempt i had at it this week as i had trouble with volume and putting too many frames in. In this walk i have probably not added enough frames but i feel the overall thing works ok. When i have to do it again i will stylize the walk more, maybe exaggerate the walk to an extent that the fundamentals are blatantly obvious. This would be a lot easier with a character who has longer legs!

What i want to try and do next is establish a line of action which suits the mood of the character and do a walk cycle around that. I have found using flash very helpful for making walk cycles and i have made several pairs of marching legs.

All in all i have found the walking cycles a lot of fun. This was a surprise as i thought i would have a lot of trouble with this. To remedy the problem i have been having with volume i have been keeping the first frame out so i can lay it across other frames and keep the continuity going.

Life drawing

As usual i have found the life drawing classes very useful. I find Cathy's method of teaching very helpful and she is always being positive about any improvement in our work. At the same time she will correct any issues we may have with scale, etc. The walks that we have been trying to capture in life drawing have been very useful; the position of the feet especially. Also the relationship between the hips and the shoulders and the way the skin acts on the sides of the model.

Well till next time; some life drawing to follow and some news on our talk about the film Finding Nemo'. Lata.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Hi everyone, just a short posting to put up a couple of walks that we have done this week. I will write more on the rest of this week a bit later.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

This image in pencil for me has a certain sense of movment about it. It is not particualy detailed but has the lines of probable movement left in place on the drawing. There is a circular line going around the head which suggests a swivelling motion is possible and also a centre line which emisizes where the weight is on the model. There is minimal use of shading; which at this time; i used very sparingly.

This image; drawn from a photo of a statue in Poznan, Poland is done with oil pastels. In it i have committed a lot earlier. There are no pencil lines to gauge it first off and some of the model seems to be missing. The picture does tell you about his stance and the way he is brandishing his spear; he is looking straight at the camera; just about to bring the spear back with his right hand and throw it straight at you. Icoudl have tried to put some shadows in this drawing but in the time i allowed myself; i did not have time.

In this sketch i have tried to capture the main character in the monochrome animated movie 'Renaissance' by Christian Volckmann, 2007. The style gave me an idea about the ammount of information needed to be present on the screen to give meaning. I am going to try and use some images that have been 'threshholded' as key frames in one of my 2d animation projects and to try and work out the tweens. That is what i am going to do now, so until then, bye!
I thought i would upload some of my drawings that i have done in the last two months. Also support each one with a small evaluation of the materials i used and analyse what i learnt from the particular session. I must say; firstly, that some of these are done at home and some in the life drawing class, as the subject matter may devulge..

This drawing was done with some charcol which i found very useful for sketching the main lines of balance and power through the subject. It is a material i would go back to using again; but next time i will make sure i have some fixative!

The main thing that i learnt from this session was the importance of perspective and scale. The size of the head, hands and feet are so important in a drawing like the where no emphasis is being put on any particular part. As you can see i missed the legs out completely; this is bad planning on my part, and so the learning curve goes on.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

After today the relationships between the different classes that we have been attending became more entrenched. The way we were asked to critique the work emphasized on the animation related qualities that the work posessed. Some of the simplest drawings that were reviewed showed they translated movement and emotion more convincingly than some of the more 'artistic' peices.
As for my own work; next time i think i would have displayed a more movement rich peice of art, one that showed tention and movement and emphasized where the weight is in the pose. This can also be said for the 2D and 3D amimation. The poses that the model held for us can be translated in the simplest inanimate objects such as tea pots and other cutlery; as the animators at Disney have proved. So we can also use these objects to translate movement, emotion and weight.

This video has had a bit of work done to it in regards to the volume of the big character; but at the same time i neglected to keep the small character the same size. On the upside; it is only when he is being 'told off' that he shrinks. This is just down to bad practice; even though you could argue that it fortifies the narrative.

What do you want to see and hear more about?