Monday, 4 July 2011

Eden Green Foundation.

Looking into running a sustainable business in the 21st century can only lead you to look at one thing. Your carbon production.In respect of this I have enrolled on a course at the Eden Project to structure the way my business operates; and start with a carbon reduced pipeline. I already try and source things locally and at the moment i am doing without a printer, so it is only the paper that comes through the letterbox that I have to take care of.
The first day consisted of introductions, coffee, an introduction to the bigger picture of sustainability; the setting of some ground rules and a great talk from a guy called Paul and the course leader Tom. A lot was crammed into the day.
There was, however time for some networking and hopefully some of these contacts will turn into business relationships and friendships. The people on the course are generally people who are aware of the climate change problem and are going the extra mile to sort it out. I respect you for that, and see you tomorrow.

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